How do I control it?


How do I control it?

The Motion Cube’s controls are rather peculiar. There are no displays, no keyboard, buttons or any kind of traditional interface.

Such a control system is a challenge both for designers and users.

You handle it exactly how you’d handle a real life object: rotate it, tap it, move it.

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So how do the controls actually work?

Imagine The Cube as a menu, where each side is one item of the menu. By rotating The Cube, you browse the menu. The selected item is on top. We call this the Rotoselect. When you turn The Cube on, first thing you do is to Rotoselect a puzzle you want to solve or a game to play.

To confirm selected item, you need to tap the Cube. There are several different types of tapping used as different control methods:

Absolutap – The Cube recognises any side in the absolute sense – it knows what particular side you tapped, regardless of its position. This means we can have the player tap side with a diodes lit for example.

This combines with a different approach, where you tap the Cube’s relative positioned sides. The top, side or bottom.:
Gravitrap means you tapped the top side.
Sidetap is a tap of any of the lateral sides.
Bottap is when you tap the Cube’s bottom side.

The Cube also reacts to gestures, e.g. to reset The Cube, you need to move it in a vertical circle while not turning it – i.e. same side faces top all the time.