Vetronics mobile vehicle monitoring unit

Vetronics is an electronic unit with GPS receiver for online vehicle monitoring. It is possible to link it with many on-board peripherals. Great reliability and advanced functions for affordable price distinguish us from our competition.

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Vetronics basics

What are the most important features of the unit? Journey recording and visualization in Webdispatching service, monitoring of fuel level and consumption, driving style, connection to navigation, CAN bus connection in personal cars and recording speedometer or FMS bus connection in trucks.

It is possible to switch between private and business trip

Vetronics unit is an electronic device receiving satellite location data from the GNSS system (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), mainly United States’ GPS or Russian GLONASS.

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Vetronics telematics units

Vetronics is a telematics on-board unit with GNSS receiver and GSM modem. It supports many peripherals including CAN bus, Tachograph and LIN bus.

We offer Vetronics 760 optimized for passengers vehicles and and fully equipped Vetronics 770 for trucks and other machines.

Following table compares features of the Vetronics 760 and Vetronics 770.

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Complete Vetronics function list

This is the right place for those, who think the overview above is not enough and would like to learn about all Vetronics functions.

All the information you will find in the list is available online in Webdispatching.

The functions are separated to three groups: features available for all vehicle types, features for utility vehicles only and features we believe are special for our products.

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