Complete Vetronics function list


Complete Vetronics function list

This is the right place for those, who think the overview above is not enough and would like to learn about all Vetronics functions.

All the information you will find in the list is available online in Webdispatching.

The functions are separated to three groups: features available for all vehicle types, features for utility vehicles only and features we believe are special for our products.

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Features for all vehicle types

Features in this list are available for both personal and utility. Special functions for utility cars can be found below.

Journey recording

The unit uses the global satellite positioning systems (either GPS or GLONASS) to record the journey in a map online in Webdispatching service.

Distance traveled

With a predefined route, it is possible to monitor how much has already been traveled. This function requires a connection to CAN/FMS of the vehicle.

Vehicle activity detection

The unit may send a message anytime the vehicle engine is started or the vehicle starts to move. This feature is utilized for the automated travel log generation and also enhances vehicle security.

Vehicle current position and status

This feature allows you to see where the vehicle is, what speed does it tavel, etc., in real time.

Driver identification

In case you install an RFID or Dallas chip reader it is possible to identify the driver using chip-cards. The unit is able to set off an alarm if the driver does not identify as required.


Data from your tachometer get to your automated travel log.

Private/business trip switch

It is possible to instal a simple switch to make Vetronics unit filter data according to trip type. The unit records everything during business trip. During private trip it records only the distance traveled.

Fuel level and consumption monitoring

Monitoring fuel level and consumption is very popular with freight transport and logistics businesses. The unit is either connected to CAN/FMS bus or a float in the tank (with older vehicle types).

Driving styles

It is possible to analyze the data on vehicle speed and location to determine distinctive driving style features of your drivers. It is possible to detect following criteria: aggressive moving off, dangerous braking, dangerous turn passing, non-smooth driving and speeding. These criteria then serve for an algorithm to classify the drivers according to their respective driving styles.

OBD-II diagnostics

CAN OBD-II is a vehicle buffer that allows us to determine the performance status of the vehicle, e.g. engine warning lights, diagnostic malfunction codes and engine erros. It is possible to see online, when the vehicle detects a serious error. It is possible to determine the time of the error occurrence.

Service checks

Škoda vehicles only. The system monitors the time needed to perform a regular service check. It relies on internal vehicle sensors, instead of kilometer count. The system lets you know the date of the check is near.

Analog and digital input

The unit may be connected to many peripherals external or integral, using analog or digital connections. Analog input can be used to monitor some of appliances within a vehicle like battery voltage, signal maximum or minimum, etc. The possibilities are quite numerous. Do not be afraid to inquire.

Connecting to on-board navigator

Garmin or Dynavix on-board navigators allow for a connection with Vetronics unit via a serial line. That allows us to display the route destination, distance to the destination and time to destination in Webdispatching service. The dispatcher is able to change route destination remotely or to exchange short text messages with the driver that display on navigator’s screen..

Vehicle being towed away/loaded

The unit is able to detect manipulation with stationary vehicle or the vehicle being towed away. In such case it is able to set an alarm off or notice the vehicle owner using a text message.

Hit detection

In case of an accident, the unit is able to inform via different means. Contacted persons may react instantly, possibly saving lives of the crew, who might be in danger with no prospect of other help.

Backup battery

Vetronics units may be connected to external backup battery for the case the regular battery is removed from the vehicle. The unit of course also recharges the backup battery.

Features for freight and utility vehicles

This list features functions available only for trucks and utility vehicles. Above mentioned functions are available for both passenger and utility vehicles.

FMS statistics

The FMS bus for utility vehicles delivers quite exhaustive list of vehicle performance data. Our unit
can read this data and display it in Webispatching service in the form of e.g. histograms. You can find the exhaustive list in FMS technology description.

Recording speedometer connection

This feature allows to detect recording speedometer card presence, identify a driver and co-driver according to speedometer card, monitor their work capacity and inform them about breaching driving limits.

Exact fuel level measurement via external float

This function allows you to monitor fuel level in several tanks at once. It is necessary to connect to vehicle FMS bus, possibly to LM1 Mesit or IBR8221 using a serial bus. These devices are sold separately.

Fuel decrease detection

The LM1 Mesit fuel level meter connection allows you to detect sudden fuel level decreases in the fuel tank. It may then inform you using an SMS or to initiate a phone call. This function is loved by the freight transport and logistics business owners.

Engine revolutions

Vetronics allows you to monitor engine average and top revolutions thus monitoring engine hours and engine workload.

Concrete mixer revolutions

Using external magnets and magnetic detectors, it is possible to monitor count and direction of concrete mixer revolutions.

Analogue flowmeter

With an analog input, it is possible to monitor current or total fuel consumption even with vehicles that are not equipped with an FMS buffer.

Temperature monitoring

It is possible to monitor the temperature in the load compartment using external thermometers. You may monitor four different thermometers at once.

Trailer identification

Using the Dallas bus appliances it is possible to detect attached trailers and identify them.

Bar-code reading

Vetronics units may be fitted with bar-code reader that allows you to monitor loading and unloading of packages fitted with a bar-code.

Serial line data logging

Any appliance, able to communicate using a serial line may deliver information on its own performance to Vetronics unit.


The Webdispatching service allows to define points (e.g. storehouse, garage, client premises, fuel station, etc.) and to monitor if and when this location was reached or left.

Other features

The features listed here are what we consider special for our units. Some of them are the cause of unparalleled reliability of our units.

GLONASS support

Our units do not rely purely on American GPS system, they can also receive Russian GLONASS system. That allows for more precise navigation in places where sky view is obstructed.

Low voltage mode

In times when Vetronics unit is not active, it switches to low voltage mode, with consumption lower than 1mA. The battery of a stationary vehicle can not discharge by powering our unit.

Detailed diagnostics

Vetronics has a very sophisticated self-diagnostics system. In case an error occurs, it is perfectly possible to detect when did it occur and what type of error it was. That allows us to remedy the error and makes our system the most reliable of all similar systems.

Unit interference recording

The unit records all interferences with its own configuration and status.

Remote unit maintenance

Almost all maintenance of unit’s software, i.e. firmware updates, diagnostics, function activations, etc., are made remotely via GSM/GPRS network.

User authorization

It is possible to limit an access to some of the information stored in the unit or to its configuration settings by requiring authentication for communication with the unit. The unit allows for setting up different rights for different user groups.

Optimized protocols

Special protocols are used for Vetronics unit’s communication with Webdispatching service. The protocols are optimized for the type and structure of the data transferred. That means cost savings as a result of lower GSM network usage.

Scheduled regular actions

The unit is able to switch out of low power mode to perform predefined sequence of actions. These may be just logging a message or sending location SMS.