Vetronics telematics units

Vetronics telematics units

Vetronics is a telematics on-board unit with GNSS receiver and GSM modem. It supports many peripherals including CAN bus, Tachograph and LIN bus.

We offer Vetronics 760 optimized for passengers vehicles and and fully equipped Vetronics 770 for trucks and other machines.

Following table compares features of the Vetronics 760 and Vetronics 770.

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Function Vetronics 760 Vetronics 770
On-line position and vehicle status
Track log
Driver identification RFID, Dallas, Wiegand, RS232, UART, tachograph RFID, Dallas, Wiegand, RS232, UART, tachograph
Trip type switch – private / business
Detection of the beginning of the trip Ignition, CAN, Akcelerometr Ignition, CAN, Akcelerometr
Alarm functions Movement, Fuel loss, Driver not identified Movement, Fuel loss, Driver not identified, Analogue inputs, Complex conditions…
Driver behaviour / Drive check
Backup battery Support for variour rechargable batteries (Pb, NiMH, Li-ion, Li-pol)
Sleep mode (accelerometer running) < 0.8mA < 1mA
CAN interfaces (OBD, FMS, SAE …) 1 full and 1 passive only interface 2 full interfaces
CAN – Odometer, fuel type, fuel level
FMS statistics (used defined histograms – engine speed, velocity, gear …)
OBD-II support VIN, Mulfunction infication light, diagnostics trouble codes …
Tachograph support (over D8 and CAN) Driver identification, working mode …
Driving style rating for trucks – DriveCheck
Remote tachograph download (+ remote driver’s card download)
Interconnection with navigation Garmin, Dynavix
Analogue inputs 8 inputs (16bit) range 0-32V
Processing of analogue inputs Low pass filters, complex filters, min/max,
counting edges, frequency measurements (up to 3 MHz) …
Digital inputs 2 with wakeup function,
1 for private/business switch
2 with wakeup function (+ grounding detection)
Digital output 2 dedicated for LED and siren 4 universal outputs with overload protection + 1 power output (3.3V or 5V)
Serial interfaces 2 RS232, 1 UART 6-30V, 1 UART 3V 2 RS232, 1 UART 6-30V, 1 UART 3V
Functions of serial interfaces RFID, Barcode readers, fuel gauges, storage of general messages,
winter maintenance spreaders(iso15430, EPOKE, Nido/Schmidt, Orion, Kobit …),
NMEA, shell for diagnostic and configuration …
Power for external peripherals 3.9V <50mA Switchable 5V or 3.3V1), 300mA
Bluetooth Low Energy
Sharing internet connection PPP protocol
GNSS antenna External
GSM antenna Internal Quad (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

1) The auxiliary power source can be adjusted for different voltage upon request.