Trucks And Utility Vehicles


Trucks And Utility Vehicles

Freight transport is a large portion of our sales. The unit can be connected to FMS bus and get a huge amount of information on a vehicle every second. It is possible to monitor construction or agriculture machinery, or shipping containers.

Princip Vetronics has very competitive price with respect to functions provided.

The FMS buffer gives us information from recording speedometer and allows driver identification. All information is online at your disposal.

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Our system gathers a lot of data for personal vehicles as well. It will be discussed here briefly, detailed description can be found elsewhere. Utility vehicles functions are discussed below in more detail.

Personal and utility vehicles

Vetronics unit records and sends data to Webdispatching for storage and visualization. These are mainly speed and position. The data together with driver identification and private/business trips distinction allows for automated travel log generation. The system can identify driving style and thus vehicle wear and tear or even dangerous handling of the vehicle.

Vetronics may be connected to CAN/OBD bus to get information on vehicle errors or malfunctions directly from vehicle’s on-board computer. The buffer also provides information on speedometer readings or fuel level in fuel tank. Connecting on-board navigator gives you an opportunity to monitor navigator status online, to send short text messages from/to the navigator or change its destination remotely from Webdispatching. Vetronics can set off an alarm by itself or connect to vehicle’s built-in alarm. It may be installed as to demand driver identification.

Trucks and utility vehcles

The most interesting function for freight transport and logistics businesses is the possibility to monitor fuel level and its sudden decreases. Unauthorized manipulation can be detected this way.

Modern trucks are fitted with FMS bus, that processes a lot of vehicle performance information, including error codes. The unit, when connected to FMS bus, can process data as speed, fuel consumption, engine revolution under various conditions, driver status according to SAE J1938-71, spn 1617 and many more indicators every second. You will get the exhaustive list on Vetronics page.

The unit may also be connected to recording speedometer. You can see current driver status, driving limits, limits exceeding warnings or recording speedometer card presence, all online. Driver and co-driver may also be identified by their recording speedometer cards.

The system may connect to basically any vehicle peripheral, including machinery as e.g. Concrete mixer, dispenser or a crane. With our experience and unit’s versatility, we are ready to develop any solution that you might require. Please inquire for any peripheral integration with our sales department.