Webdispatching is an online service for monitoring vehicles fitted with a Vetronics unit. It allows us to analyze various data the unit sends. It does not matter whether you want to monitor one vehicle or a thousand. Webdispatching can handle fleet of any size.

To use Webdispatching you only need an internet enabled device, such as smart phone

The service creates a travel log automatically, it can identify drivers and enables to switch between private and business trips. You might be surprised to see what we are able to monitor.

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How does the system work


Vetronics units are installed into a vehicle and send information on vehicle position to Webdispatching. The unit has built-in GPS receiver (possibly GLONASS receiver), giving it information on vehicle position. The unit also monitors driver identification or fuel level to give a few examples.


All this data is sent via GSM network to Webdispatching server, where the vehicle location is displayed in a map and this data is archived for further use. The system is able to process a lot of various data, the complete list is quite exhaustive.


The customer accesses Webdispatching using an Internet connection. You do not need to install any applications, a smart phone might be just enough to have all your fleet information at hand. The online service allows you to export data to a number of enterprise software packages and applications. Webdispatching is preset to create basic reports and charts.

Savings for Your Business

Mileage Decrease

You will have perfect control of your vehicle movement, route planning and creating reports will be a snap. You will be able to exactly distinguish private and business trips, giving you perfect control over these.

Fuel Loss Prevention

A special peripheral or a connection to vehicle’s CAN/FMS bus will give you perfect data on current fuel level online. Any sudden decrease signalizes unauthorized manipulation.

Insurance Savings

If you manage to start using Webdispatching before you enter a leasing contract, you will get significant insurance bonuses. The chances of vehicle theft are also decreased as driver identification may be implemented. The unit is installed so that it is not obvious that it is there – therefore it can monitor vehicle that has been stolen from you.

Lower Wear And Tear

It is possible to determine each driver’s driving style by analyzing the data sent by the unit. Dangerous braking, dangerous turn passing, speeding – all of these can be measured and say a lot about your driver’s behavior and your vehicle’s wear and tear. The system can monitor vehicle errors and malfunctions and thus inform you about a maintenance check you should do.

Less Paperwork

The system automatically creates a vehicle travel log with all legal requirements (Czech law). It is also possible to generate all kinds of reports, like enumerating private trips as employees’ benefits.

Efficient Work And Vehicle Use

Our solution gives you perfect overview on vehicle locations to plan and optimize their use. With Garmin or Dynavix on-board navigators, you may communicate with the driver and send him changes in the route destination directly from your computer.