Why you should choose our product?

Why you should choose our product?

Vetronics units are manufactured using high quality components and all their functions are carefully tested. As a result, they are much more reliable than any competition – Vetronics do suffer almost no malfunctions. The units also have sophisticated self-diagnostics, so even if an error or malfunction occurs, we’re always able to find out when and what happened.

You can monitor fuel level, consumption and sudden fuel level changes in a tank.

The data collected by the unit can show driving styles of individual drivers, pointing to unnecessary wear and tear – dangerous braking, speeding, aggressive moving off, etc.

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Our system has several unique functions like connection to on-board navigator, smart phone application, the possibility to monitor vehicle performance indicators or connection to vehicle diagnostics. You may not find a function you require in our exhaustive list, but our engineers are ready to develop it for you.

Connection to on-board navigator

Vetronics unit may be connected to Garmin or Dynavix on-board navigators. Planned destination, time and distance to destination is thus visible in Webdispatching application, where you can change it. You may change navigators destination remotely as well as send text messages to the driver (and he to yourself).

Mobile application

Webdispatching is not only accessible via mobile devices, it is also available as a smart phone app. All important information, like vehicle positions, vehicle log, reports and more is always in your pocket. Drivers may use WD Fleet application. It provides functions that were previously available only to Garmin navigator users: driver-dispatcher communication, route planning and editing, route optimization and more.

Monitoring performance indicators

Our premium hardware and software is able to monitor and store vehicle performance parameters, like fuel tank level, precise speedometer reading, axle load, transportation compartment temperature, cruise control running, etc.

Vehicle diagnostics

The system may be connected to CAN or FMS bus of personal or utility car respectively. That means you get information directly from vehicle’s internal diagnostics systems. It helps you to monitor vehicle error messages like fuel combustion blackouts, fuel system status, ventilation failures, etc. With Škoda vehicles, we are able to monitor service intervals, or when the vehicle should go to regular service check.

Custom modifications

Maybe you did not find the function you are looking for in our exhaustive feature list. We are ready to develop it for you – we already did a lot of custom modifications of the software and hardware. Please inquire with our sales department to find out if the modification you might require is possible with our unit’s hardware and what the development costs would be. That way you will find whether the modification will pay off.