Educational Value


Educational Value

The games are easily perceived and marketed as educational. They benefit in three key areas to their users: players obviously bend their logical thinking, but they also practice spatial memory and imagination as well as motor skills.

Typical digital entertainment is not generally perceived as educational. Futuro Cube is different.

So far we are developing puzzles and games for Futuro Cube to find out and learn about its true potential.

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Here are some examples of what we believe can be strongly beneficial for our users, when they interact with Futuro Cube. These can be used for marketing it.

Logical thinking

Some of the games are quite difficult logical challenges that require you to study the problem and find out algorithms to solve it. If people loved Rubik’s cube, they will also love our Futuro Cube, as puzzle games make up a significant portion of the gaming market today.

Motor skills

Lot of the games are very sensitive to controls and require you to be quite dexterous with your motor skills. Some games use a hotspot – the uppermost LED light is brighter – as a cursor. Other games require you to hold Futuro Cube in certain positions – you control the top side for example. Some of these may be a little difficult at first but all players improve very quickly, meaning you really learn fast.

Spatial memory and imagination

Everyone plays five-in-a-row, or gomoku, if you wish. Playing it on a cubical plane, however, proves to be several orders more difficult because your spatial imagination is not used to similar tasks. Many games are some form of adaptation to cubical plane and therefore force the player to stretch his spatial memory and imagination in an entertaining way.