How does it work?

How does it work?

Although Rubik´s Futuro Cube is hi-tech technology, it is packed with some cleverly used sensors that help it to react to motion, gravity, tapping, to determine gestures and react using its 3×3 LED light matrix on each side as well as quality sound processor, able to play sounds, music and voice.

The Cube is a mix of hi-tech technology and innovative design.

Rubik´s Futuro Cube is packed with sensors that feed a lot of various data in the main processor. Read more about what The Cube can do at the moment.

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Determine gravity

This feature is used for Gravitap and Rotoselect functionality, and has a lot of other uses. Know the game called Snake? Imagine playing it on Cube controlling the Snake using the rotating funktion – whenever you rotate the Cube, snake changes direction.

Motion tracking

Rubik´s Futuro Cube tracks your motion to recognise patterns that are used as a game input. This feature can also be used in medicine to diagnose motoric disorders. The circular gesture we use as reset is also a great example of utilising the motion tracking.


The Cube’s accelerometer can determine when you tap it. It also recognises what particular side did the user tap and whether this side was on top, bottom or one of the lateral sides. 9 types of a tap. Tap to each individual side can be detected absolutely, as well as relatively. Relative tapping only discerns three tap types: side (any), top and bottom.

Diode coloring

Each side of Rubik´s Futuro Cube contains 3×3 color LED lights matrix, meaning 54 LED lights total. Each point can obviously shine more colors with varying intensity or not shine at all, giving us lots of color options to design games with.


Rubik´s Futuro Cube can play sounds as it would be too hardcore to let people figure out what the heck is the puzzle about as we did with the original puzzle for the ‘Bedna’ puzzle hunt in 2009. So a short voice description of a selected game plays as player Rotoselects the main menu of the Cube. Any game information like how to play, game feedback or your score can be conveyed this way.