What games are there


What games are there

We believe the Cube can attract users from various social groups – even those, who are not traditional computer gamers. We have devised games and puzzles ranging from casual to hardcore.

We even have multiplayer games for two cubes in the hardcore section.

So far we are developing puzzles and games for The Cube to find out and learn about its true potential.

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Anyway, we do not want to overdo the hardcoreness and believe The Cube will attract broader audience with a games and puzzle mix that offers casual as well as hardcore challenges. The Cube also features some applications that are very easy to gasp. Their purpose is to show the user how to control it and play with it with little or no real challenge – just for fun and fascination. Here are the games divided into categories:


The Cube Snake

Cube Snake

You probably know the game called Snake, right? It is a little different with The Cube. A blue snake moves on the surface of The Cube. It must eat red dots, while not biting itself. To control the snake, just tap the Cube to make the snake go down. Eat as much red dots as you can by turning The Cube and taping.


You know this game very well, for you have filled many papers with crosses and circles, haven’t you? It is called five in a row, but our version takes place on a cubical surface, where “five in a row” can go across the edge. It is really perplexing at first, but that only adds fresh fun to a well known game concept.

Dropper Game

This one is a little challenging. The blue and red lights are mixed up on the surface. Some of the space is free (no color lit). Your task is to get all blue lights together and all red lights as well. The topmost side of the Cube is where you can move the lights. Just tilt it a little in the direction you want the “pieces” to drop and tap. The Pieces move if they have space to move to and fall across an edge. A dim light suggests where and what pieces will fall if you tap.


Tetris on a cube? Exactly. The tetris-shaped pieces appear on the Cube. Move the piece rotating the cube, as it remains always on top. Change piece’s orientation by sidetaping, place it using gravitap (from the top). The piece that is placed remains there, until the whole side is filled with pieces – then it disappears. Very simple, very funny. Also quite challenging – the pieces placed obviously obstruct movement and the game ends, when there is no place for a new piece to appear.

Cube Hardcore

Hardcore And Multiplayer

Sliding Cube

This is a fine example of a challenging hardcore puzzle. Think of The Cube as Rubik’s cube with two to six colors – created by shades of LED lights. Your goal is to have the colors sorted with just one color on each side. Tap the layer of The Cube you want to turn to select it. Then turn The Cube and notice the selected layer remains in the same position. With original Rubik’s you were turning the layer, we are turning the rest of The Cube. Don’t worry Rubik will sue us, as colors on Cube’s edges are not fixed to each other as they are in Rubik’s. This is just an inspiration, not an exact copy.

Rotation Cube

Again a variation of Rubik’s that’s almost impossible with a mechanical object. The problem is the same as with the Rubik’s, but the solution is different. By tapping the top of the cube, the whole 3×3 light matrix on the top side rotates 90° to the left. By taping the sides, the whole belt of 4 side’s matrices is moved one space around the Cube in the direction the tap came from. Imagine you are moving the whole belt around the four sides of the Cube. It is much easier to gasp, when you actually see it.

Multiplayer Connect

This is a multiplayer game. You need two Cubes to play it. The Smart Cube is able to connect wirelessly to another one within 10m distance. Players then take turns to connect any two opposite points on the Cube. The game is played using a hotspot – the topmost LED light is always the brightest – as a cursor. Tapping places a tile, an LED light of your color. Opposing player can’t move next to the tile you played recently. Whoever connects any two opposing points wins!

Just For Fun

Audio Visual Showcase

Cube Just For Fun

This is a completely passive application that plays music and flashes all LED lights and serves to showcase what the Cube can do in terms of visuals and sound.

Interaction Showcase

With this one, we go a little deeper but there is still only a minor unexpressed challenge. The basic interactions are being explored here in an extremely casual way. You can move a hotspot – the topmost LED light is the brightest – around the Cube, leaving a trail of darkened LED lights, cross edges, tap sides, while the Cube reacts. We do not want the player to achieve anything, just admire and explore the Cube, as the Showcase is intended for first-timers.

Paint the Cube

As the name suggests we’re giving the user a place to express in an artistic way. Using the hotspot and tapping the Cube, you can paint it – or light any combination of colored LED lights on its surface. The user can discover hidden patterns that, when replicated on the Cube, reward you with a sound or flashing of the Cube.

Baby games

This is not a real game category yet, but a development direction we consider. Why? We know babies react to the Cube quite readily, so we’re considering including some extremely simple games. One single diode is lit and if you tap the particular side, the Cube starts flashing and plays a nursery rhyme. Babies are the ones who really need to practice their motor skills, remember?